Carnelian: Meaning and Properties

Abundance + Courage + Happiness

Carnelian calms everything down and brings happiness and love back into places that were previously filled with negativity and anger. 

A stone for the leaders and motivators, Carnelian brings endurance, leadership and courage to the fore and it also brings joy and luck to ventures.

Carnelian Meaning

Carnelian looks a bit glassy but it is a member of the Quartz family; there is an orange colored version of Carnelian called Calcedony as well. There is quite a bit of color variance with this stone as it ranges from a very light orange to a deep dark ochre color but it is most recognized in its eye-popping red-orange form. The name ‘Carnelian’ comes from the Latin word ‘Carne’ which means flesh.


Carnelian Properties and Benefits: What is Carnelian used for?

Carnelian is best known for its stabilizing properties. For many people, it is a grounding stone that gives people the vitality and the strength to move through life.  Since it is such a motivating force, Carnelian is good for those looking to build on success and cast away any apathy. 

Those seeking to move forward in life should look to Carnelian for its ability to instill action and movement. This crystal is a powerful booster of motivation and drive as it helps in setting goals, understanding desires and finding direction in life. Bring back joy and warmth to the tasks at hand with Carnelian. Reinforce goals with the clarifying nature of Carnelian and hold onto to it during trying times that require a little bit more energy and creativity.

This stone sparks joy, or at least helps people find joy, while also making the wearer feel secure and energized. Carnelian crystal’s warm energy brings creativity and confidence and a sense of contentment to most people. 

As a talisman, Carnelian bring success to business and it symbolizes ambition and drive in the workplace while seeking to rid co-workers and others of stresses and unrealistic expectations that too much desire brings in. 

Carnelian Physical Healing Properties

Carnelian is a healing crystal that does that aids the body by improving the flow of life force through all systems. This stimulation of life force and progressive flow of energy helps with blood flow to organs, especially to reproductive organs of both sexes and it increases fertility and helps to overcome impotence. 

The orange colored Carnelians are especially effective for those training or exercising as it helps balance the energy levels of the body and decreases laziness. Training with Carnelian crystal can reap many rewards as a result of this and even coordination and focus are improved.

Carnelian emits vibrations that stimulate tissue growth and renewal, which aids the body in getting rid of fever, rheumatism and skin problems. It also helps in the detoxification process, especially in breaking down drugs and alcohol and inhibiting bad physical habits.

How to use Carnelian?

Traditionally, Carnelian has been known to guard against physical accidents especially with tools or materials but these days, its benefits have extended to safeguarding the home and workplace as well.

Carnelian jewelry (such as Carnelian bracelet) is especially good for resonating with the lower chakras and it is easy to find good Carnelian jewelry to make this happen. Alternatively, a simple Carnelian tumblestone in the pocket is very helpful as well.

When Carnelian crystal is on the skin/in the pocket, it aids in concentration and wards off daydreaming and drifting away. This is especially helpful in meditation as Carnelian stone help the meditator manifest and understand various goals and concepts. 


Carnelian is found in Peru, India, Britain and Iceland.