Citrine: Meaning and Properties

Happiness + Abundance + Strength

Brighten up your life with this sunny stone.

The feeling and need for joy can be represented by many crystals but none are as effective as Citrine. This vibrant crystal attracts so much success and prosperity but it also brings creativity and imagination to the fore. Citrine can be seen as positive shield that deflects and prevents negative energy while retaining love and happiness. For an infusion of sunshine and light in the spirt, few can match this brilliant crystal. Natural Citrine is the rarest type of quartz and it gets its name from its citrus coloration. Since it is linked so closely to abundance and wealth, Citrine is usually nicknamed ‘The Merchant’s Stone’ or the ‘The Success Stone’, it is a common choice among business people looking to get ahead in their ventures. Attracting this kind of success and prosperity makes Citrine a very popular choice for manifestations.

One of the most widely-held beliefs for Citrine’s incredible power is its relation to the sun, as Citrine gets its color and power from the Sun itself. This relation to the Sun gives it the ability to emanate positive power much like the Sun does. There is an aspect to this crystal that affects transmutations and dissipation of negative energy as well. Other than Kyanite, Citrine is the only crystal in the world that cannot hold negative energy, this also means that the crystal does not need to be cleansed!

Citrine Meaning

As a yellow variety of quartz, Citrine ranges through all kinds of yellow colorations from pale and light yellow to golden yellow to even a dark honey brown shade. The crystal may contain rare rainbow and sparkle inclusions, further adding to its mystique. The word ‘Citrine’ is an offshoot for the French word ‘Citron, which means ‘lemon’. Since it contains so much solar quality energy, Citrine is used most often as a healing crystal. Citrine’s solar energy quality makes sense for healing solar plexus and even third chakra issues. For many, it can also be used to strengthen self-esteem and bring a positive flow of energy into the body. Citrine in its natural form is one of the best crystals for manifestation, and imagination as it imbues people with strong will. Carrying this much solar energy means that its energy is energizing and even comforting in nature. The sunny energy flows through the chakras and urges the mind and the soul into action. Creativity is enhanced by Citrine since it stimulates the imagination and it helps manifest dreams. Follow new pursuits and new beginnings with Citrine’s fresh energy and fullness! 

Citrine Properties and Benefits: What is Citrine used for?

Historically, Citrine has always been seen as a crystal of commerce and luck. In many cultures, it is known as the success stone because it helps manifest destiny and helps people achieve their goals especially in ventures. Citrine has been cited as attracting prosperity and success, which is another reason why merchants seem drawn to it more than most other people. The beauty of Citrine’s prosperity properties is that it attracts wealth and success but keeps it close by. This crystal of wealth and prosperity is helpful in maintaining wealth and success as well. With Citrine, people open up their hearts and share the wonderful gifts and good fortune they receive a mark of a great benefactor and true generosity. Ventures related to money benefit from its energy and even financial prospects that seem speculative tend to drift towards positive ends.

People that have trouble visualizing the future or picturing things can great benefit from Citrine’s guiding force. It will provide a positive flow of energy that helps visualization. These visually energetic properties also extend to its ability to help manifest success. Using Citrine while creating goals or targets, whether they are for wealth or professional success, greatly helps in manifesting their success. Citrine can be used during meditation to tap deeper into its manifesting and healing powers and this is one of the best methods to go about visualizing, creating and even manifesting success.

The crystal is also a way to harness light energy and the power of the Sun to charge up mental capacity and self-improvement. Citrine is also a great cleanser in spiritual matters as well. It is imbued with qualities of self-healing, improvement and inspiration, all of which can be used to improve the situation. Using it to overcome depression and counter phobias and deep fears is another important quality as the Sun’s energy can mitigate these problems.

On a daily basis. Citrine is a great aid in the suppression of anxiety and general fear. By opening the higher mind to the brilliance and positive nature of solar energy, Citrine can counteract negative emotions, anger and paranoia. Since it helps create and express, Citrine can slowly help build a tolerance towards criticism and negative speak. This lesser-known aspect of the stone gives people a chance to remove baggage of the past and move on to a better future. 

Citrine is a crystal that provides support to professionals and those that work in banking, casinos, sports and fitness as well as media jobs can all greatly benefit from its attributes. The healing aspect of Citrine also makes it a great choice for medical professionals and it even helps bring out the best in the government workers that spend time serving other people. The visualization and manifestation capabilities of Citrine are also very effective for artists and organizers.

Citrine Physical Healing Properties

Citrine is a digestive stimulant and transfers its energy to help the spleen and pancreas. It helps relieves allergy symptoms especially those caused by chemicals and food, it is also keeps nails, skin and hair healthy.

Citrine also stimulates the nerves and brain positively and helps in strengthening concentration and perception. 

Citrine in its natural form also supports the endocrine system and, in this manner, helps increase physical stamina. A balancing energy for the thyroid and nerves, Citrine helps in removing chronic fatigue and removes unnatural growths in the body. 

How to use Citrine?

One of the best places to keep Citrine is in the wallet or purse to watch over finances and attract more money to you. Money rituals with Citrine will help with wealth, success and setting of financial goals. Fill up the mind and body strong vibrations of Citrine by keeping a tumbled piece in a purse or wallet for 40 days. Not only will the wealth come in abundance but new financial opportunities will present themselves as well.

By setting aside a wealth corner in the home/office/shop and some place in the cash box as well is a good way to start working with Citrine. Keep ghosts away by placing natural Citrine stones in places that catch light. Just a little bit of Citrine elixir taken every week can prevent negative energy from arriving. 

Citrine is a wonderful piece of home décor because its bright color, warmth and excellent healing properties. Bring light and abundance into the home by placing a medium sized stone in the bedroom. Place it in the office for professional success and those financial benefits. In children’s bedrooms, Citrine can infuse the space with happiness and cheery energy

Citrine jewelry (such as Citrine bracelets and Citrine necklaces) is also an excellent option. As soon as it comes into contact with the skin, the crystal will bring opportunity and abundance into life simply by elevating optimism and positive energy. 


Genuine Citrine comes from Brazil, USA, and Russia.