Can I buy more than one of the same crystal sculptures?
Vitherell only creates one-of-a-kind crystal sculptures. Once the piece has been sold, it will no longer be available. However, we will continue to create new pieces over time, and we will constantly update our website when new pieces are available.

Can Brass change color over time?
Brass can be naturally oxidated over time where its colors can change. Vitherell will not be held responsible for natural occurrences. Oxidation color is however not permanent and there are many ways to clean brass. Please send us inquiry email if you have further questions regarding various ways to clean brass.

What are some safety issues I need to be aware of?

  • Please do not expose product to extreme weather conditions, such as extremely cold, hot and humid conditions. Do not expose the product to direct sun light for a long time. Do not place the product too near the air conditioner or heater. In addition, we do not recommend placing the product outside or under direct sunlight as it could potentially damage and change the product.

  • Be very careful when placing the product on surfaces (especially glass surfaces), as the product can scratch the surfaces when not carefully placed.

How often do you have new products?
We create new pieces every couple of months. Vitherell emphasizes exquisite craftsmanship, hence it takes us time to create each new art piece.

Will the product I purchased be delivered to my home?
We ship our products door-to-door. If you are subjected to additional custom fees depending on each country, the shipping company will be in contact with you.

How long does it take to ship?
Shipping usually takes around 7-10 business days, however, there could be unlikely circumstances in which it takes longer to ship. For further information regarding shipping, please see our shipping policy in the policy page.

What if my product is damaged upon arrival?
Please see our damage claims policy in our policy page.

I am not satisfied with my product; can I get a return/refund?
Please see our return policy in our policy page.

Can I cancel my order?
Please see our policy page for details.