Obsidian: Meaning and Properties

Protection + Properties + Grounding

Obsidian is an excellent manifestation stone that also excels at healing. Obsidian acts as a shield against negativity and is also used as a stone of protection for many people. Obsidian enables the wearer to get rid of negativity and resentment and by rejecting anger and fear, the path to calmness is opened by this stone.

Obsidian is psychic shield and a stout protector against threats against the mind and mood.  It removes mental stress, tension and negative moods. This Obsidian shield is also very capable of defending against any environment steeped in negative energy. 

Obsidian also manifests growth by clearing the mind of confusion and bringing a sense of clarity that leads to purpose.  By dissolving traumas and emotional blockages, Obsidian brings a new sense of strength and true compassion to the wearer. Also known as Volcanic Glass, Obsidian is a distinct stone with a glossy sheen and a glass-like finish because it is formed when hot molten lava is quickly cooled and hardened.Obsidian is a very powerful stone for unleashing creativity.  It gives the wearer a sense of self-control and identity that reveals the true identity of the person.  It is always on hand to dispel negativity and keep the bad psychic energies at bay.

Obsidian Meaning

To know Obsidian is to understand the concept of light and darkness. In nature, light and dark is linked to the day and night phase and Obsidian is definitely linked to the darkness. Obsidian’s dark nature helps the wearer understand their own dark nature and it is this quality that singles out Obsidian as a protector stone that gives the wearer protection against negative mental energy. Obsidian is always a reminder of how there is a dark side to everyone and in doing this, it reveals the problems that are hidden in the dark side that are left ignored. It shines a light on the negativity that needs to be cleared away, leading to a clear path of love.


Obsidian Properties and Benefits: What is Obsidian used for?

To many, the Obsidian stone is a teacher, a “warrior of truth” that exposes darkened areas of the subconscious. Spiritual growth is possible through Obsidian as it helps resolve unexamined attitudes and issues that are taking up space in the mind and soul.

Obsidian never shies away from the truth and this is what helps it remain strong to block out psychic attacks and absorbing negative energy from the environment. The openness and clarity that it encourages makes it a great stone for new beginnings and discoveries.  Since it encourages growth of the self, it also keeps the mind free of confusion and committed to a truer self. 

Obsidian is a stone used for grounding it helps remove excess energy through the Earth Star Chakra and sends this energy to Mother Gaia. Obsidian helps to ground the wearer as it resonates well with the root chakra.

Obsidian Physical Healing Properties

Obsidian rids the body of toxicity and helps the digestive system. It works well for people who have issues in their joints and muscles by warming the extremities and working on joint problems, arthritis and cramps. It helps in healing wounds and bruises as well because of its effect in relieving stress, easing tension and improving arterial circulation. 

Obsidian is also a great stone for those recovering from dependencies such as smoking and drugs. It helps in preventing overeating and general over indulgence.

How to use Obsidian?

Obsidian is a powerful stone that needs to be used by someone with experience like a qualified therapist or healer. Black Obsidian is used for scrying and gazing during meditation and it helps to divine insight about the future, induce creativity and speak to those that have passed over to the other side. The slabs, mirrors and orbs that are made out Black Obsidian are very powerful in helping these actions take place. It’s power to expose makes useful in addressing and revering power issues on all levels and reversing misuses of power. 

Obsidian is a very personal stone of protection and should be used as a talisman for one person only. It helps those who are more sensitive by shielding them and if worn as jewelry, it does not allow others to put their burdens on the wearer.

Obsidian bracelets and necklaces prevent bullying in any form and must be worn until the bullying in question stops altogether. At the workplace, keep out gossip and anger by placing seven pointed Obsidian arrows facing outward, they can also be placed inward in a semi-circle or a ring around a burgundy candle to draw power and health.


Obsidian can be found in many countries around the world such Chile, Ecuador, Greece, Russia, Hungary, Iceland, Kenya, Mexico, Guatemala, New Zealand, Peru, the United States, Canada and Argentina.