Rose Quartz: Meaning and Properties

Love + Harmony + Peace

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love. By encouraging love, Rose Quartz heals relationships that have grown apart by restoring trust and harmony. The heart gets opened up by this rose crystal and it promotes all types of love, self-respect and friendship and allows the mind to indulge into a feeling of peace and deep inner healing. This rose-pink version of the quartz family is fairly popular all over the world and it is closely related to unconditional love and compassion for matters close to the heart.

Rose Quartz Properties and Benefits: What is Rose Quartz used for?

Rose Quartz crystals emanate a soft energy that heals, nourishes and relieves the bearer of the stone especially with feelings of kindness, peace and sympathy. The frequencies of Rose Quartz awaken the heart and brings a sense of fulfilment and comfort to people. Rose Quartz balances the heart chakra and it lends the soft feminine energy that fixes different aspects of emotional deficiency. Rose Quartz encourages people to follow the path of love and use love’s power to conquer every facet of life.

Rose Quartz increases the capacity for compassion as a byproduct of opening and activating the heart chakra. The healing power of Rose Quartz makes people let go of toxic energy and emotions and move on. Combined with water these pink crystals wash away negative energy and acts as a great cleanser.

Calming and reassuring, Rose Quartz crystals can really help comfort people during times of grief. Let go of the negativity of the past by with Rose Quartz as it helps replace those feelings with love. Rose Quartz can offer a path to understanding and accepting the situations of the past. It’s healing properties transform the heart by healing these emotional sore spots and renewing trust in people. Rose Quartz also looks to dispel negative concepts and ideas before they take root and protect against environmental pollution. For traumatic times and during emotional upheaval, Rose Quartz is a beacon of light that brings a calm energy to the situation. It encourages the healing of the self by raising self-esteem, and self-worth and promoting self-forgiveness and trust. It brings sense of compassion, empathy and sensitivity that is require to notice and understand the need for changes.

Rose Quartz Physical Healing Properties

A polished piece of Rose Quartz can be rubbed lightly on burns to bring a soothing effect and it also works on burns as an elixir. As a skin-clearing elixir, it is very versatile as it can help clear the skin, diminish unsightly scars and reduce wrinkles to soften the complexion. 

Stress-busting is another function of Rose Quartz as it stimulates the proper functioning of the heart and circulatory system. Conditions such as irregular heart rhythm, palpitations or even skipped beats come under Rose Quartz’s healing touch. For anyone that needs a more stable heart, whether it is a baby born prematurely or a young child with a heart disease, Rose Quartz crystals can offer some respite. 

This pink crystal is also known for cleaning out the impurities and bad fluids in from the body’s cells. It is also very useful in treating chest and lung problems, especially chronic coughing and soothing bronchial areas. Rose Quartz stone also positively affects the kidneys and the adrenal glands and has been known to help treat vertigo. 

As one of the most powerful stones for the female reproductive system, Rose Quartz is linked closely to female health. By healing complicated symptoms such as post-partum depression, sexual difficulties and healing women that have had to endure complications during birth.

How to use Rose Quartz?

One of way accessing Rose Quartz frequencies is by infusing its energy in water. To make a gem essence, it is important to imbue the Rose Quartz with intentions for use such as promotion of beauty, peace or self-healing. After doing this, place the Rose Quartz crystal into a bowl of spring water and wait for its energy to absorbed after it has been activated by sunlight or moon beams. 

Rose Quartz is a stone linked to beauty professionals for its effect on beautifying and healing skin. It can be placed in workplaces to cut down on gossip and intrusion and provide a happier work environment.

By meditating with Rose Quartz and resonating with its frequency, compassion is accessed with ease and emotional bonds are released. Meditating with this stone enables the search for higher and finer frequencies of energy and light. Women who meditate with Rose Quartz find it easier to foster loving relationships and it is commonly used in meditation for this particular reason. Rose Quartz jewelry (such as Rose Quartz bracelets and necklaces) are also popular with women.

Display Rose Quartz in the center of the home in a bowl and keep several crystals in the bedroom. This pink stone is also wonderful for children who are trying to sleep better as tumbled rose quartz near the bed or under the pillow is effective in soothing and promoting restful sleep. Children with anxiety should be allowed to freely interact with the stone and play with it or keep in their pockets as its frequencies work extremely well for them.


Rose Quartz can be found in China, Brazil, Mozambique and the United States and a few other places around the globe.