Shipping and returns

Shipping Policy

The cost of shipping depends on the product (from its size and weight) and the destination – country of the buyer. Shipping usually takes around 7-10 business days but there could be unlikely circumstances in which it takes longer to ship. Buyer may be subjected to additional custom fees depending on the country of the buyer. Brass can naturally oxidate when shipping therefore if such occurrence happened, Vitherell is not subject to nor responsible on such incidence. As for oxidation colors, they could possibly change over time but cleanable and would require proper ways for cleaning.

Damage Claims Policy
No policy for returns/refund without written consent by Vitherell. Unauthorized/unapproved returns shall not be refund. Failure of contacting Vitherell within 48 hours of receiving the product will consider as rejection of the claim. In contacting Vitherell, the buyer is obligated to take photos which show clear visibility of damages. The buyer is also obligated to provide details of the damage. Once Vitherell has seen the supporting evidence and has given a written consent, the buyer will then receive a full refund and will not be subjected to pay for shipping return costs. However, the buyer is obligated to repackage the product properly and take a photos of the packed product inside the box (before closing the box) before returning. Note that Vitherell will need to review and approve the photo of the packed product prior to the buyer shipping the product back.

Return Policy
Note that no returns/refund will be accepted without written consent by Vitherell. Unauthorized returns will not be refunded. In requesting a return and refund, the buyer has 48 hours to contact Vitherell upon receiving the product. Once given a written consent with Vitherell’s approval for refund, the buyer is obligated to pay shipping return costs. In addition, the buyer is also obligated to repackage the product properly and take a photo of the packed product (before closing the box) and send over before returning the product. Note that Vitherell will review and approve the photo of the packed product first before the buyer can ship the product back. Vitherell will authorize a refund after examining the returned product to see whether there is actual damage.

Other policies

  • Brass can be naturally oxidated over time. Vitherell will not be held responsible for natural occurrences. Oxidation color is however not permanent and therefore can be cleaned through many ways.
  • All sales are final 48 hours after buyer takes possession of an item.
  • Cancelation is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. To be able to receive a full refund, the buyer is advised to email Vitherell as soon as possible. This will reduce the chance of shipping charges. If it is too late and the product is already shipping, the buyer is obligated to pay for additional shipping charges. The buyer is obligated to reject the product at the time of pickup from Vitherell (do not accept and open the product package).